Momentum Biotechnologies (f.k.a.) PureHoney Technologies is a specialized mass spectrometry provider and discovery partner.

Momentum Biotechnologies (“Momentum”) is a specialized mass spectrometry services provider and discovery partner to clients in the fields of pharma, biopharma, biotech, gene therapy and toxicology. Our core team of scientists and engineers have been working together since 2000 when they built the RapidFire technology (acquired by Agilent in 2011) and have been serving clients using RapidFire-MS since 2004. Since then, we have continued to combine cutting-edge mass spectrometry technology and creative problem solving to address our clients’ toughest assay challenges. We are the leading provider of solution phase Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) for RNA and protein targets. We help clients identify leads for novel mechanisms of action such as protein degradation/molecular glues, protein-protein interaction disruption (ASMS), and irreversible binding (Covalent Screening). We offer functional screens on RapidFire-MS, potency assays, and biomarker quantification and can additionally support Cell and Gene Therapy applications through ICP-MS analysis.

As scientists, our goal is to accelerate the design-build-test cycle for our clients’ therapeutics. Clients will speak with a PhD from the first phone call to customize assay solutions for their projects. We pride ourselves on rapid turnaround of the highest quality data, thus maintaining the momentum of our clients’ projects.

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